Alexander the Great and Jesus: An Irresponsible Comment

Both Alexander and Jesus met their Earthly demise at the age of thirty three. Both were (falsely) accused of blasphemy. Both were overthrown and nailed to a tree. Both rose up from the grave, and while there is no Archeological evidence of Jesus and throngs of followers traipsing around the so called Holy Land, there are no less than twelve cities renamed Alexandria stretched across Asia and the Middle East to this day… need more evidence? Read the Bible, which is by and large, Alexander s spoken words to his six scribes. Need more evidence? What are you, a moron?

The Musings of Thomas Verenna

James McGrath should know better.  I enjoy the humor and I get the joke, but most people won’t.  This comment betrays an irresponsibility in academia and it needs to be corrected.  Here is the comment on his blog:

Paul Cartledge’s book on Alexander the Great is quoted by Chuck Grantham in a recent blog post:

It has been well said that the search for the historical Alexander is something like the search for the historical Jesus. Many contemporaries had an interest in preserving a version of what he said and did, but none of the subject’s actual words have been certainly preserved verbatim; and those writers whose words have survived all had an interest in recording, or creating, a particular image of their hero- or villain- for the edification of their contemporaries or posterity. With the result that the searches for both tend to be massively controversial.

What, hasn’t this…

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